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Managing Booking Slots in Scribe Bookings

The Slots page in Scribe Bookings is a powerful feature designed to help you manage and oversee all individual slots associated with bookings. Whether you need to view slots for a single venue or multiple venues, this page facilitates detailed monitoring and reporting by allowing you to apply filters, customize reports, and save them for quick future reference.

Accessing the Slots Page

  1. Navigate to Sidebar Navigation.
  2. Click on Slots to open the Slots management page.

Overview of the Slots Page

On the Slots page, you can view details about each booking slot including start and end times, venue, and customer information. This page is particularly useful for councils managing multiple venues and needing to track specific details of each slot.

Default Columns Displayed

The default view includes the following columns:

  • Reference: A unique identifier for each slot.
  • Start Date: The beginning date and time of the booking slot.
  • End Date: The ending date and time of the booking slot.
  • Status: Current status of the booking slot (e.g., Provisional, Confirmed, Cancelled).
  • Venue: The venue where the slot is booked.
  • Customer: The name of the customer who booked the slot.
  • Phone: Contact phone number of the customer.

Customising Your View

You have the flexibility to customize the Slots view to better suit your needs:

  1. Click on Columns at the top of the Slots page.
  2. Select or deselect columns to display additional information or simplify your view.

Filtering Slots

To help you find specific slots quickly:

  1. Use the Filter button to apply various filters based on date, status, venue, and more.
  2. Adjust the filters as needed to narrow down the list of slots displayed.

Creating Custom Reports

The Slots page allows you to create custom reports by selecting specific columns and applying filters:

  1. Customize the view and apply filters as needed.
  2. Click on Save list view under the List View toolbar to save this configuration.
  3. Name your custom report for easy retrieval under Quick Views.

Utilising Quick Views

After saving a custom report, access it anytime from the Quick Views:

  1. Navigate to Quick Views on the Sidebar Navigation.
  2. Select the saved report to quickly view the specific information without having to reconfigure your settings.


The Slots page is a central tool in Scribe Bookings that enhances your ability to manage and report on booking slots efficiently. By leveraging the ability to filter, customize views, and save custom reports, you can significantly streamline the management of bookings across multiple venues.

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